Cleaning Dirty Grey Traffic Lanes in Carpet

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What to do about Dirty carpet traffic lanes, Joplin MO

What can be done about dirty grey traffic lanes?

It is NOT inevitable that over time the high traffic areas of your carpet build up a dirty grey appearance. It is important that you vacuum high traffic areas much more frequently than the rest of your carpet. Dirt that accumulates in your carpet will eventually damage the fibers and prevent them from reflecting the light as well as undamaged fibers. This is part of the reason for the dull grey appearance. Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help to avoid the appearing of grey traffic lanes.   Once the fibers are damaged no amount of cleaning will completely restore the appearance of your carpet.

How often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned is a function of how you live on them. A family with four kids, two dogs and a cat will be much harder on the carpet than a retired couple that always removes their shoes in the house.

At Crystal Clean Carpets we can work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that fits the life style of your carpet.  Obviously carpet in a home with kids, dogs and a cat will require cleaning more often than carpet in a retired couples’ home.  We can schedule cleaning that will address the high traffic areas of your home so that your money is put to best use.

If your carpet has already developed the dull grey traffic lanes, all is not lost.  We have the most effective cleaning method and we have a topical solution that we can apply to the traffic areas after cleaning that will brighten them up.  This is not a permanent solution, but it does wonders to the appearance of your carpet.

Our best in class carpet protectant is also a good solution to protect your carpet from stains, spills, and tracked in muck. It not only extends the great appearance of your just cleaned carpet but also serves to extend the life as well.

For the best carpet and upholstery cleaning, and the best solution for dirty carpet traffic lanes in Joplin Mo, call Crystal Clean Carpets 417-291-1172

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