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Scheduled professional carpet cleaner, will they show up?

You finally break down and call a professional carpet cleaner.  You have scheduled a cleaning time, but will they show up, or show up on time?

Many carpet cleaners have hired tech’s that do their actual cleaning. You are at the mercy of their whims, their training, or lack there-of, and their work ethic.

At Crystal Clean Carpets we are an owner/operator company.  I will be the person that you will be dealing with.  I will do the actual cleaning and I will be following up with you to insure your complete satisfaction.  The reputation of my company is of great concern to me.  Your complete satisfaction is my first concern.

It is my concern for customer satisfaction that prompted me to offer low moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning.  I understand that one of the chief concerns of home owners when having their carpets cleaned is “how long will it take to dry?” Our low moisture deep cleaning technique will leave carpets dry in about an hour.

A second major concern of customers is stains returning after the carpet finally dries.  Low moisture cleaning insures that stains do not wick back up from over-soaked carpets.  If you ever experience a stain returning…so do we.  We will return and eliminate the spot at no additional charge.

A third concern that I address for customers is rapid resoiling of carpets.  Some carpet cleaners use detergents and cleaning techniques that leave a residue in the carpet that actually attracts dirt.  At Crystal Clean Carpets we absolutely leave no soapy residue in your carpet.  In fact our cleaning products remove residue from prior cleanings.

After we have cleaned your carpet or upholstery to your complete satisfaction we can offer the best after-market carpet protectant on the market.  This will greatly reduce resoiling and staining problems going forward.

All of these features together, and our personal dedication to service makes us the most reliable carpet cleaner in Joplin Mo and the surrounding area.

Call Crystal Clean Carpets today to schedule your appointment.  You won’t have to be ashamed of your carpets any longer.  417-291-1172

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