How effective is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Hot Water Carpet Cleaning and its’ Draw-backs

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning has been around for over 50 years. Most homeowners have at least some experience with the hot water extraction method and are familiar with its’ draw-backs. Your carpet will be wet for many hours, (sometimes up to 24 hrs) and often stains will wick back as the carpet dries. Another issue that is often encountered with hot water extraction is that trace amounts of soap my be left in the carpet. This sticky soap will attract dirt and cause the carpets to resoil quicker.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning, Method and Results

Even though low moisture carpet cleaning has been around for over 20 years, many homeowners are not familiar with the process. Low moisture uses significantly less water in the cleaning process and much more agitation to “scrub” the dirt from the fibers. The low moisture method does not use soap, but instead used an encapsulating chemical that releases the surface tension between the carpet fibers than the attached dirt to release the dirt so it can be scrubbed away. The dirt is absorbed into cotton or micro fiber pads along with a good amount of the water that was introduces to the carpet. Any trace amount of encapsulating chemical will dry and crystallize and be vacuumed away the next time the carpets are vacuumed, along with any dirt still clinging to the encapsulant.

The carpets are left just damp after the cleaning, not soaked. Typical drying times for the carpet are between 1-2 hours. Since the carpet was not soaked down to the backing it is MUCH less likely that stains will wick back after the cleaning process.

The machine that we use at Crystal Clean Carpets both rotates and oscillates at over 1700 RPM. This insures that the individual carpet fibers are opened up and scrubbed from every angle. Our low moisture method cleans carpet every bit as well as the hot water method. We have scores of testimonials from happy customers to back up our claim. Since we do not use soap, carpets stay cleaner longer.

Our results speak for themselves!! For the best carpet cleaning and the quickest drying times in Joplin Mo and the surrounding area call Crystal Clean Carpets today. 417-291-1172

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