Carpet Cleaning and stain removal in Joplin Mo 64804

Restoring abused carpet

It may be that you have let your carpets go too long without professional cleaning.  Many times a home owner has many distractions and money for carpet cleaning isn’t a priority.  But alas, after a few years with kids, pets, and “life”, the carpets are in severe dis-repair.  Perhaps a homeowner decides to sell the house and move on, but realizes the carpets would be a real “downer” for a prospective buyer.  Whatever the circumstance Crystal Clean Carpets in Joplin Mo is the premiere low moisture carpet cleaning company in SW Missouri.

Best carpet cleaning available in Joplin, Carthage, Neosho, Missouri 64804

Before _ After Carpet cleaning Joplin Mo

Crystal Clean Carpets will take the time to work on your carpet to get it back to its’ absolute best appearance.  Sometimes that is not “like new” if the carpets are too far gone, but always we will make them look their best.

Low Moisture, deep cleaning of carpets:

Our low moisture cleaning procedure will scrub and deep clean your carpet without soaking it down to the padding.  This insures very fast drying times (1-3 hours), absolutely NO soap residue left in your carpet to cause re-soiling problems, no wick back of stains-if we get them out they stay out, and no hoses run through open doors.  We can clean on the hottest or coldest day of the year because we do not drag hoses through your open front door and all around your home.


Don’t live another day on dirty carpet.  Call Crystal Clean Carpets  417-291-1172

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