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Our pets; we absolutely love them.  They are part of the family.  But, they are hard on our carpets.

  • Fur:  Hair and animal dander are allergens that can contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems.  Pet hair can fill carpets and stick to upholstery and draperies.
  • Oils:  Dogs and cats secrete oils from their fur to keep their coats clean and healthy.  When they lay on furniture, area rugs, or the carpet, these oils are transferred to the fibers where they then attract dirt and grime.
  • Odors:  Many pet owners do not realize that their pets may leave a distinctive smell in the house.  The owner may have become de-sensitized to the smell, but visitors will notice.

Pets when they are young or very old will very often have accidents.  The owner may clean up the visible surface problem, but urine or vomit will soak to the backing of the carpet or area rug.  The residue will attract bacteria which will emit a foul odor.

You pets need to go in and out several times a day.  They don’t stop to wipe their feet.  Over time your pet can track a significant amount of dirt into your carpets.


Pet owners should have their carpets professionally cleaned regularly

Professional carpet cleaning will insure a clean, healthy environment in the home.  Your carpets are where children and grandchildren romp and play.


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