Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning, Joplin Mo

Carpet clean line with Low Moisture oscillating carpet cleaning machine

Low Moisture carpet cleaning in Joplin Mo. Oscillating carpet machine

Fed up with soaked carpet?

The number one question customers ask of professional carpet cleaners is   “how long will my carpet take to dry”?

Many homeowners put off having their carpets professionally cleaned because they don’t want to deal with soaked carpet. The Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method of carpet cleaning has been around for many decades and does work to clean carpet. The down side is the soaking of the carpet down to the backing. A poorly trained technician or one that does not take the time to do a very thorough water extraction will leave carpets wet for up to 24 hours.

Crystal Clean Carpets, in Joplin Mo has a solution for your number one complaint.

Our Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning process does not soak your carpet.  The dirty little secret in the carpet cleaning industry is that it is completely NOT necessary to soak your carpet down to the backing to get it thoroughly deep cleaned.

Our low moisture cleaning and our encapsulation chemicals will deep clean your carpet and leave it free of ANY soap residue, thus your carpet will stay cleaner longer.  Because we use low moisture cleaning, stains and ugly spots do not wick back and re-appear after we leave your home.

We do not drag hoses through open doors and around your home, so we do not scratch and mar your walls and baseboards.  We can thoroughly clean your carpets on the hottest day of summer, the coldest day of winter, or the wettest day of the year.  Your doors are not left open and we do not raise the humidity level of your home.

Crystal Clean Carpets is the premier Very Low Moisture (VLM ) carpet cleaner in Joplin MO, and the surrounding area.

Your neighbors all over southwest Missouri are discovering that they can get the best carpet cleaning they have ever experienced, AND the fastest drying times, all by calling Crystal Clean Carpets.

All of these features together, and our personal dedication to service makes us the best reason to pick Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Joplin Mo and the surrounding area.

Call Crystal Clean Carpets today to schedule your appointment.  You won’t have to be ashamed of your carpets any longer.  417-291-1172

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